Sunday, 29 March 2020

Fundamentals of Buisness

Topics include:

Business Strategy:
  • Understand the competitive environment.
  • How does your business compete in the industry?
  • How can you create a competitive advantage?
  • Are you able to adapt to a changing business environment?
  • The ability to take a high-level, strategic view of a business is necessary to identify opportunities and to stay ahead of external forces such as new competition and changing consumer demand.


  • Recognize customer needs .
  • learn how to best market your product or service.
  • Learning core concepts of marketing including : segmentation ,targeting , differentiation , product positioning .

Organizational Behavior and Leadership: 

Discover what motivates people and find out how to become a better leader


  • Learn how to hire the best employees
  • Manage performance and comply with employment laws and regulations as a group
  • Use critical-thinking skills to determine a strategy and course of action to solve a business problem

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