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Manufacturing Technology

The Department of Production Engineering is one of the most comprehensive and expanded engineering disciplines, because it mainly performs on various engineering foundations from all other disciplines, mainly aimed at the production and design of mechanical systems, and their development and improvement in production, service and control.

The department is considered one of the most important departments always required to keep pace with scientific, industrial and administrative systems to follow all fields, whether in terms of manufacturing, measurements, quality, light, medium and heavy engineering applications.

Academic content:
Production engineering includes the study of many technical, technological, design and administrative aspects related to various industries, including:

Machinery and Machinery Design Dynamics, Vibration and Motion Science Metal Forming, Welding, Rolling and Blacksmithing Methods of Metal Cutting, Operating and Automatic Control of Machines Precise Dimensional Measurement Quality Statistical Control Methods and Comprehensive Quality Theories Control of Industrial Facilities Management Industrial Security and Industrial Health Factory Planning.

And many other subjects related to this field.

Career opportunities:
The Production Engineering Department is working on graduating engineers who have the ability to contribute in almost all industries, since this specialization has a long hand in all industrial, research and applied fields and one of its most important roles:
  • Designing and manufacturing products. Designing and following up production lines and planning operations. Conducting feasibility studies.
  • Carrying out checks, tests and measurements. Executing and following up engineering projects.
  • The application of the different quality system in institutions and bodies.
  • Inspection of the follow-up to the implementation of the implementation steps during the production phase.

Besides many other job roles, production engineers perform in all industries without exception, which provides them with tremendous job opportunities and a rapid development in career.

Graduate specifications:
Design and maintenance of various production lines.
Forming mechanical parts by cutting and without cutting.
Design and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits (liquids and compressed air).
Metal welding in various ways and mastery of welding in all its methods.
Determining the durability of engineering materials used in manufacturing.

Graduates' fields of work:
Technician in mechanical engineering laboratories (universities and hardness testing laboratories).
Instructor in industrial schools in the fields of turning, leveling, metal forming, welding, mechanics.
Director of production lines in factories.
Skilled technician in design, development, maintenance and manufacturing of production lines.
Section head in machinery production companies.

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