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Engineering Mechanics I

Mechanical engineering is a science that studies physical systems and applies the foundations of basic physical laws to analyze these systems. 

And the study of the movement or balance of physical or other bodies and the mutual effect that arises between them.

Mechanical engineering is five years collage.

Best mechanical engineering university in germany is RWTH Aachen university and best mechanical engineering university in USA is Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT).

Engineering design

In it, the student learns how to design, what are the design criteria, and how to choose the appropriate metal for the object to be manufactured. 

Study the tolerance of this design for many variables. What is the right and best design to use.

For example, why did the engine burner offer take this size and were not slightly larger or a little smaller. One of its applications is the design of engines, airplanes, and others, which the student's brother can expand.

Mechanical engineering training is essential for every student to learn his way around the workshop to gain the practical skills.

Knowing how to MIG weld pipes , prototyping on lathe machine and using simple indexing principles to cut gear.

Learn the basic principles behind what he do like how to determine the allowable depth of cut while working on a lathe.

Learn CAx to Generate a model of an component then testing it .

Thermal Sciences

And in it is the study of thermal energy transitions between things, whether solid, liquid or gaseous. 

Also, air conditioning and heat transfers from one form to another. Its applications include aircraft engines, car engines, and turbines.


And in it the behavior of the questioner and how it is transported from one place to another through pipes is studied.

A study of the physical aspects of the fluid as its density and methods of use. 

It includes pumps of all kinds and pumping lines between cities and remote places, as well as pumping inside the car engine.

Materials science

In it, the student learns about the mechanical properties of different materials, such as iron, copper, and some of the metals used as industry. 

Understand the effect of the arrangement of metal particles on its properties and how its internal structure changes with different external influences such as heat, pressure, and design. 

One of its applications is to manufacture materials for aircraft and belt structures, where the material is manufactured according to the specifications required mechanically.

The movement

And in it the student learns the mechanical and static systems and how to control them automatically. 

Design a specific kinetic line according to the required mission. Its applications include rockets, cranes, and more.

Production and manufacturing

Here, the focus is on live lines that do not stop production during the work period.

Design and control optimum lane movement. 

Its applications include production lines in food factories, shampoo and the like.

The most important concerns of mechanical engineering:
  • Electricity and mechanics of modern cars and their maintenance.
  • Programming using kinetic genes.
  • Mechatronics in general.
  • Robotics engineering.
  • Rocket engines, turbocharged engines, and pilots in general (aerospace engineering).
  • Hydraulic designs.
  • Car Design >> Mechanically.
  • Solar and nuclear engineering.
  • Cooling and air conditioning.
  • Manufacturing and production.
Mechanical engineering job description :

Design power producing machines :
  • Refrigerator .
  • Air-conditioning systems.
  • Electric generators.

Mechanical engineering technology jobs :

  • Mechanical engineering consultant.(Evaluating design prints required for improving existing tools).
  • Product and material testing .(Develop composite materials, discover new applications by studying the atomic structure of materials ).
  • Computer graphics engineer.(create graphics and visual effects of power producing machines for example).
  • Quality management engineer.(Designing quality standards and determining corrective actions)
  • Industrial engineer.(eliminate wastefulness in production processes).

What are the mechanical engineering requirements?

1- The ability to apply knowledge in:
  • Advanced mathematics including calculus for various variables, differential equations, probabilities, statistics, and linear algebra.
  • Basic sciences including general chemistry and physics related to differentiation and integration.
  • Engineering sciences including basic engineering sciences (mechanics, manufacturing and design, heat and fluid sciences, dynamics, vibrations and control, circuits and electrical and electronics).

2- The ability to:
  • Analysis and interpretation of experiment data.
  • Design and conduct experiments on mechanical and thermal systems.

3- The ability to:

  • Designing a system, component, or process to achieve desired needs including formation, analysis, evaluation of alternatives solutions.
  • Drafting specifications and detailed description of the system and at the same time including engineering specifications and realistic constraints, which include most of the following considerations: economic, environmental, continuity, manufacturing capability, ethical, health, safety, and social security.

4- The ability to:
  • Work in a team.
  • Work within a multidisciplinary team.

5- The ability to:
  • Identify an engineering issue from a sentence, or observe a specific situation.
  • Drafting or representing a matter that is identified as a mathematical model.
  • Solve the problem that was formulated.

6- The ability to communicate effectively:
  • Orally.
  • Visually.
  • Written.

7- The ability to Understand:
  • Honesty in engineering and its importance.
  • Ethics codes and their importance.
  • The importance of professional responsibility with respect to legal liability for the product.

Mechanical engineering technician vs Mechanical engineer

Technicians :
  • Have very good practical skills.
  • Don't have enough theoretical background behind how it all works .

Engineers :

  • Have good background grip on the theory that they can change things as their needs.
  • Know specifications and standards.

Why we need to study mechanical engineering in computer engineering ?

because in your job career you are going to work with a lot of engineers who are not computer engineers or computer science graduate and you should know a little about their field .

Mechanical engineers identify and solve problems using math and science in designing , developing and testing machines and physical tools used in factories.

Computer engineering like mechanical engineering identify and solve problems using math and science in designing , developing and testing computing solutions.

Mechanical engineer able to design hardware but computer scientist take the hardware components and make them practically work. mechanical engineer role in the manufacture of mother board is to make sure mechanical parts like heat sinks I/O metal insert and clearance around sockets.

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