Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Calculus II

What is calculus II ? 

Calculus II is the second course involving calculus, after Introduction to Calculus.

Because of this, you are expected to know derivatives inside and out, and also know basic integrals.

In this course, we will cover series, calculus in more than one variable, and vectors.

How to Learn Calculus in Steps:

  • Start with other part of basic mathematics.
  • Understand the part of calculus.
  • Learn calculus formulas.
  • Learn about the limits.
  • Learn Fundamental theorem of calculus.
  • Practice calculus problems.
  • Double check your Concepts.

How do i study calculus 2 ? 

  • Read Your Syllabus.
  • Work with Other Students.
  • Give Yourself Time.
  • Complete Practice Problems.
  • Use Online Resources.

General calculus concepts :

  • Continuous function.
  • Derivative.
  • Fundamental theorem of calculus.
  • Integral.
  • Limit.
  • Non-standard analysis.
  • Partial derivative.

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