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Writing Academic English

Writing Academic English, writing a small article in a language other than your native language is not easy. However, if you are studying in an English-speaking country, you should get used to taking exams and jobs in English.

You will need to use different terms than you normally use when talking to your friends or colleagues. That's why we have compiled a list of the most important words that you can include in your writing in the English language. Follow us.


Put this word at the beginning of the sentence and no one will debate the validity of your point. This word gives the reader the sense that you are 100% sure of what you are saying. Here's an example:

Indeed, Shakespeare was one of the most famous writers of his time - Shakespeare was in fact one of the most famous writers of his time.


In every argument, you write in your essay you need to discuss the opposite argument to prove that your argument is correct. And here comes the role of this distinctive word. This word implies that although there is an argument against your argument, the idea of ​​your article is still valid.

Their donation was quite small. Nonetheless, it was for a worthy cause - their gift was very small, nonetheless for an important cause.


This short word has a very important meaning. This word means "as a result of" or "and so on." Use this great word to start your closing sentence.

I crossed the finish line first, thus becoming the winner- I crossed the finish line first, thus becoming the winner.


This sentence is useful for connecting ideas with each other. It allows you to add more information to the sentence without getting boring or boring.

Paris is a great place to visit because of its scenery. Furthermore, it has beautiful summers- Paris is a wonderful place because of the beautiful scenery. The city also has a wonderful summer.

Anomaly - an exception or anomaly

This word indicates something that is an exception to the rest of your discussion. If you come to a number of results but there is one result that does not fit it, this result is called an "anomaly".

All of the results fit my theory, except for one anomaly, which appears to disagree - all of the results fit my idea except for one exception that contradicts it.


You must put this word in any academic writing that you write in the English language. If your writing contained an argument and discussion, how did you arrive at it? Whether you read some books, or do extensive interviews and studies, using this word will make your discussion more brilliant and even smarter!


This word is most useful in your academic writing in English when you want to review the opinions of other researchers and academics.

7 Tips On Writing Academic English :

  • Don’t use contractions, slang or jargon.
  • Only capitalise proper nouns.
  • Make your writing direct and precise Avoid using generalisations, hyperbole or gendered language Use the correct verb tense.
  • Determine whether you should use ‘I’ or ‘we’.
  • Make sure you structure your sentences and paragraphs correctly.

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