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Advanced Programming Applications

Advanced Programming Applications, the basic idea of ​​networks is to link devices of different types together to create a kind of communication between them. For example, devices that are connected to the network, whether they are computers, telephones, or servers, can share data with each other by means of specific programs.

Advanced web programming Network Programming means writing a program that shares its data with another program through a network.

Usually, it is a server-installed program and a program installed by the average user.

Advanced business application programming The idea here is to build programs for users that enable them to communicate with each other and share data with each other.

When we say sharing data through a network, we mean that the computer will share its data with another computer.

Both computers can be on the same network, and each computer can be in a different country (it does not matter).

Advanced android application development To build programs that can share data with each other over networks, we use the package, which contains a huge collection of classes and interfaces designed specifically to share data over networks.

The benefit of building programs that communicate with each other through a network
Share data between different users on the network.
Collect the data that we want to share in one place, which makes us able to control the way this data is shared.

Ideas for programs running on the network

There are many ideas for programs that people use to share their data, which you can also build yourself. Examples:

  • Advanced android programming A chat program, such as MSN, Yahoo, Telegram, Whatsapp.
  • Browser, where you can build a browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini.
  • Games, where you can build a game in which players can challenge each other from a distance.
  • A test program, for example, you can build a program that enables the student to take an exam remotely and send it to the center of the main educational institution upon completion, etc.

Essential terms in the world of networks

1- NIC

A network card is an electronic piece that is installed in any electronic device so that it can communicate with networks.

2- MAC Address

It is the network card number of the device.
Each network card has a uniform MAC address.
The MAC Address consists of 12 bytes, each byte in them can be a number between 0 and 9, or a letter between A and F.

3- IP Address

It is a temporary address that is given to any device that wants to connect to the network.
Each device that wants to connect to the network is given a different IP Address.
The IP Address consists of four numbers, each number in them can be between 0 and 255.

4- Protocol

It is a set of basic rules that must be followed in every communication.
In the world of networks, there are many protocols, each designed for a specific purpose.

The most famous protocols

  1. TCP: Used when transmitting data on the network, ensuring that it reaches the required party exactly as it is.
  2. UDP: Used when transmitting data on a network, it does not care if part of the data is lost.
  3. HTTP: Used by the browser when browsing websites.
  4. FTP: Used when downloading any type of file.
  5. Telnet: Used to control programs remotely.
  6. POP3: Used by the client to receive emails received in his mail with the ability to delete them.
  7. SMTP: Used by the client to send email messages to the server.

5- Port Number

  • Every program that sends or receives data on the network needs to open a special port on it on the device.
  • The port number allows the user to use more than one program dealing with the network at the same time.
  • So the port number distinguishes programs that use the network from each other.

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