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Data Structure and Algorithms

Data Structure and Algorithms, Initially, focus a little on understanding the difference between algorithms and data structures in terms of the way they are given in universities and institutes.

Algorithms learn from them how to think and analyze while writing the code until you reach the result that you want to get, data structures and algorithms in c++ so this is the entrance to programming.

Data structures in general are how they combine algorithms with OOP concepts such as class, object, and genetics, sorting in data structure.

The most important point you need to know is that algorithms and data structures are just principles you adopt when writing the code.

That is, you do not think that the algorithms themselves are a programming language, bubble sort in data structure or that the data structures themselves are a programming language.

You will understand what we mean more when you find that each exercise in the course has a solution in it with more than one programming language, algorithm in data structure but the logic adopted in the solution is almost the same, whatever the programming language is used.

How important are algorithms and data structures?

  • The main objective of this course is to develop yourself in programming analysis to the maximum extent possible.
  • For this reason, heap algorithm this course is considered one of the most important and difficult subjects that students learn in institutes and universities.

Also, when applying for a job in any government institution or in any programming company, you will find in the challenge that you perform special exercises about algorithms and data structures because they will be able to know the extent of your ability to analyze and solve software problems, and this is what the programming companies need most.

Who is this reference for?

This reference is intended to fit all people who want to develop their software capabilities.
So whether you are an amateur, a student, stack algorithms or a programmer, this reference will help you to develop your ability to analyze and reach a very advanced level.

Types of data structures in programming languages

There are two types of data structures, the first type is the primitive type, and the second type is the complex type, which is a component of the primitive type.

A primitive type is a method for classifying different types of data such as whole numbers, literal strings, or texts, and thus the processes used are defined among the different types of data.

For example, the types of data of the integers type can be based on different calculations.

While in the case of texts, texts can be combined.

Then we also have complex data structures, which are used to store big data and data that is related or related.

Arrays array data structure

Of the data structures important in programming and used frequently in different algorithms, which is a fixed number of stored elements that have the same type, and each of the elements of the matrix has a number or index and the matrix is ​​stored adjacently in memory.

We can access every element of the array to modify it, delete it, or get its value via this index.

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