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Discrete Mathematics


Discrete Mathematics, discrete mathematics, or also called finite mathematics or finite mathematics, is the study of mathematical structures that are fundamentally discrete, meaning that it neither calls for the existence of a connection nor does it require it in order to study this subject.


The topics studied in discrete mathematics are either specific or indeterminate. The term specific mathematics is sometimes used to refer to the discrete fields of mathematics that deal with specific groups, especially in fields related to the labor sector.


Discrete mathematics has gained wide popularity during recent decades due to its wide applications in computer science. Discrete mathematics terminology and notations are useful for studying and expressing problems of purpose.


Set theory:

It is a branch of mathematical logic, concerned with the study of groups, which are a grouping of abstract mathematical objects and the operations applied to them, and constitute one of the most important pillars of modern mathematics.


Mathematical logic:

Logic is the science that researches the rules that follow in thinking, methods of correct inference, methods of deduction, and their reasonableness. It is thus a tool for thinking because it is concerned with analyzing ways of thinking and preserving it from error. A logical operation is concerned with a class of formulas or propositions.


The importance of discrete mathematics in computer applications


Discrete Mathematics Mathematics is the science of the logical study of the quantity, how and interconnectedness of things. It is also the science of the pure abstract study of serial mathematical issues and systems. It is one of the most useful and exciting sections of human knowledge. The reason for the difficulty in defining the word mathematics is due to the many topics it covers.


It includes basic mathematics taught in schools, the study of numbers, quantities, formulas, and relationships. For example, arithmetic studies problems related to numbers, and algebra involves solving equations (which are mathematical formulas based on equality) in which letters represent unknown quantities. While studying engineering properties and relations of forms in space.


Computing is solving mathematical problems that involve performing many numerical operations. The computer is a mathematic device that does the calculating processes very quickly. Mathematicians use computers to perform complex mathematical operations within a few minutes, which may require thousands of years to be performed using pen and paper.


Mathematics requires skills, the most important of which are: accurate analysis, and clear explanation. These skills help people solve some of the difficult puzzles they face.


Mathematics is based on logic. Based on widely accepted assumptions, mathematicians use logic to extract results and develop integrated mathematical systems.


The importance of mathematics


Mathematics can be divided into pure mathematics and applied mathematics.


Pure mathematics is concerned with developing mathematical knowledge for its own sake without regard to an urgent current application. For example, a mathematician may create an imaginary world of everything in which there are dimensions other than length, width, and height. Applied Mathematics is concerned with developing mathematical methods for use in the sciences and other fields.


The boundaries between pure and applied mathematics are not always clear. You often find practical applications of ideas developed in pure mathematics, and ideas in applied mathematics often lead to research in pure mathematics.


Almost every part of our life is influenced by mathematics. Mathematics played a fundamental role in the development of modern technology - the tools, technologies, materials, and energy sources that made our lives and work easier.


In everyday life, mathematics is involved in the details of our daily life, both simple and complex. In simple matters, we learn about time and the rest of our money after buying something, and in complicated matters such as organizing a home budget or settling a checkbook. Mathematical accounts are used for cooking, driving, gardening, sewing, and many other public activities. Mathematics also plays a role in many hobbies and sports.

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