Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Electrical Power And Mechanics


Electrical Power And Mechanics is the representation of mechanical systems as electrical circuits. The electro-mechanical representation was initially invented to help explain the occurrence of electrical-like phenomena in mechanical parts.


James Clerk Maxwell provided such representations in the 19th century, and with the development of the science of electrical circuits; It was found that some mechanical problems can be easily solved through electrical representation, and theoretical developments in the electric field have been particularly useful in representing electrical networks (circuit diagrams) using the assembled element model and the ability to analyze electrical circuits, which helped in the ease of solving electrical problems and transforming Mechanical issues to electrical problems.


Electrical Power And Mechanics This method is especially useful in designing mechanical filters; Because it uses mechanical devices to carry out an electrical function; However, this method can be used to solve purely mechanical problems, and it can also be used in energy and other fields.


Electromyography is an essential design tool, especially when analyzing more than one energy field at the same time. Where this method has a major advantage in that the entire system can be represented in the same unit and in the same way.


Electrical representation is used particularly by designers of transducers by virtue of the nature of transformers that they deal with different energy fields, and in control systems where sensors and actuators switch between different energy fields.


The electro-mechanical representation is used to represent the function of a mechanical system in a similar electrical system by drawing the corresponding variables between them.


The mechanical system itself can be represented by mechanical variables, but of course, electro-mechanical representation is preferred especially in electromechanical systems; Where mechanical and electrical parts are integrated into a single system, this representation is useful in studying and analyzing mechanical filters. It is designed to carry out an electrical function through transducers.


This development in the field of circuit theories can be used in mechanical design, through electro-mechanical representation.


Electro-mechanical representations are also generally useful in the field of transducers between various fields of energy. It is also used to represent mechanical parts in acoustic systems such as magnetic storage and phonograph.


This matter was of some importance at the beginning of the emergence of phonographs, where the sound is transmitted from the magnetic store to the horn through various mechanical components without electric amplifiers. The first phonographs were severely affected by unwanted resonance in the mechanical parts, and it was found that this defect can be eliminated by processing mechanical parts such as the low-pass filter.


The electrical representation of mechanical systems can be used as an educational aid to aid in understanding the behavior of mechanical systems, whereas the opposite was the case in the early 20th century when mechanical representations were more understandable than electrical phenomena.

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