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Electromagnetics, electromagnetism is the physics of the magnetic field (it is also called a magnetic field), where that field affects the electric charge or the electrically charged particle (and what is meant by the particle varies from time to time. In classical electromagnetism, the intended particle is the point particle. ), And in contrast, the field is affected by the presence of these particles and their movement in the field.


The changing magnetic field creates an electric field (this phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction and it is the basis of the work of electric generators, electric motors, and the electric transformer), and likewise, a changing electric field creates a magnetic field; Because of this exchange between the electric and magnetic fields, it becomes natural to consider them as two sides of the same coin, namely the electromagnetic field.


Electromagnetics The magnetic field arises as a result of the movement of electric charges (for example electric current), and the magnetic field causes the presence of those magnetic forces associated with the magnet.


Electromagnetic force

The electromagnetic force is the force that an electromagnetic field exerts on electric particles.


The electromagnetic force is one of the four fundamental forces in nature; The rest of those basic forces are the strong nuclear forces (they are those responsible for the bonding of the atomic nucleus), the weak nuclear forces, and gravity; Any force in our world is a combination of different proportions of these four fundamental forces.


The electromagnetic force is responsible for practically all aspects of normal daily life except for gravity. All the forces affecting the bonding between atoms and each other can be traced back to the electromagnetic force that affects the electrical particles in the atom, including electrons and protons. Thus, the forces of "tension" and "push" that we are exposed to in our normal daily life when colliding with ordinary bodies can be considered as coming from the forces of bonding between the atoms that make up our bodies and those atoms that make up the bodies that we have hit.



An electromagnet is a magnet in which the magnetism is generated only by the flow of an electric current through a wire. Electromagnets are usually made from a coil of wire with a large number of turns to increase the magnetic effect. The magnetic field produced by the coil can be increased by placing a magnetic material, such as an iron bar, inside the coil. The current passing through the coil causes the iron to become a temporary magnet.


Generating an electromagnetic field

When an electric current passes through a portion of the wire, it creates a magnetic field around it. When the wire is wrapped around a piece of metal, while leaving the north and south poles exposed, the metal will be magnetized, so that it becomes an electromagnet. Usually scrap iron dealers use large electromagnets to capture old cars, and when the electric current is separated from the magnet, it loses its power and the car can be dropped elsewhere.

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