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Game Programming


Game Programming, there are many methods suitable for programming and designing games, either in one of the programming languages ​​and using graphics libraries such as OpenGL or through ready-made programs such as Flash, but the important thing is your choice of any of these methods to suit your level and the needs of the game that you want to create.


Why did you say Design and Programming, aren't you one thing?


No, they are two different terms, but one person can do them both.


Game Programming:

Writing the code in one of the programming languages, the code that controls, for example, gravity, dealing with the graphics library.


Game Design:

It is - in general - the design of the gameplay, the stages, the missions, the story. All this in drawing and writing only, without the slightest interference in the programming process.


Game Programming The designer determines the function of the code that the programmer writes. For example, the designer determines that the game requires a certain type of high jumps, so the programmer writes a code that deals with gravity and with the player's movement to achieve the required jump.


Which one is easiest?

Both are tough! And both of them need the other, the programmer cannot write code without a tight design, and the designer cannot convert his ideas into a game without a programmer, and each of them must work in both fields at some point in his career, even if it is not long, it helps to communicate between the two and helps the designer To understand what he will ask the programmer and the possibility of implementing it, and to help the programmer to understand what the designer requires from him and how to implement it.


The difference between the methods of designing and programming games now


First method:

Programming directly using C ++ or C # programming language with a graphics library (OpenGL, DirectX) and a physics library (Newton, PhysX), and of course, you will need knowledge of how to build a Game Engine Structure and a good command of a powerful programming language. Most of the time, once you create a game engine, most of the game is over.


Most game companies create a single engine with which to make all their games (you can imagine the game engine as a program like Flash, but with capabilities that fit the manufacturer), for example, Valve has the Source engine that I built Half-life with and Portal with their parts without the need to create a separate engine for each game, Also, it is available for developers to design their own stages that can be played in Half-Life and Portal.


This method is currently suitable for games that need very high accuracy in gameplay and graphics so that it is not available in any of the currently available game engines, meaning it is good for giant companies that want to distinguish from the rest of the companies, or for simple games that do not require much effort in their engines. Mostly for 2D games -.


But this method consumes relatively more time than the second method, and this time is needed to build the game engine, and in my view, it is suitable for anyone who wants to become a games programmer because he has to deal with the game engine, but for the designer, most of it wastes time.


The second method: 

using ready-made game engines, under the slogan Why do you reinvent the wheel ?! It is the use of giant game engines ready and available for use, of course for a small fee, in ways that vary from one engine to another.


In other words, you will be interested in design most of the time, and you will not occupy your head with programming matters (creating cameras from scratch, or communicating with the graphics library directly ..) because this is the function of the engine itself, noting that you can access all of this and modify most of it and this happens in very few times.


This method sometimes includes some programming experience with one of the programming languages ​​that the engine supports, to have more power, thus saving time for both the programmer and the designer - and sometimes you will not need a programmer at all:) - and it saves you time and effort.

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