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Mathematics III


Mathematics III, the mathematics major is one of the most important and best disciplines in the world and it is affiliated with the College of Science and studies in a large number of universities, and it is a wonderful discipline that will take the student to worlds of abstraction and not as many think that it is mathematics and numbers.


Mathematics is defined as the science of studying abstract structures using logic, mathematical proofs, and mathematical notation, and it is the backbone of most modern sciences that have contributed to the development of mankind over the past centuries, especially in physics and chemistry. Scientific Colleges.


Mathematics major:

Mathematics III is characterized by a large number of characteristics and features, including the abstraction, in which symbols and equations are used. Symbols are dealt with through non-material relationships and learning them is one of the basics that every mathematician must master.


The widespread knowledge in the scientific era led to the classification of mathematics into two categories in which many disciplines fall:


1- Research Mathematics: 

Mathematics serves only as of the development of new proofs of theories in order to prove another theory, and specializations in this category include (algebra - analysis - theoretical probabilities - engineering - differential geometry ... etc.)


2- Applied Mathematics: 

These are specializations that have applications in fields other than mathematics, especially economic and physical sciences, and it falls into this category (statistics - chaos theory - applied possibilities).


As for recent years, the courses become deeper in mathematics, as the student studies physical mathematics, statistics, mathematical analysis, advanced differential engineering, and other broad and advanced courses in mathematics.


Why should you study mathematics major?

1- As a result of his entry into different areas of life: The science of mathematics is indispensable because it enters into the details of our simple and complex daily life.


2- His contribution to scientific progress: One of the most important features of the era in which we live in the scientific progress that its source dates back to the science of mathematics as a result of its involvement in the basic matters of every science as it addresses problems with a set of logical steps, using its principles and laws.


3- It plays a big role in computer science: because it contributes to forming arrays and has a big role in calculating distances, lengths, and magnitudes.


4- His entry into industry and trade: as he contributes to its industrial fields such as design, development, and product quality testing, while in commerce, mathematics is used in sales and purchase transactions, so the importance of business lies in keeping records and organizing the employees' working hours and their salaries.


5- Mathematics revitalizes the mind and increases a person's intelligence by thinking about solving complex and difficult problems and exercises.


Available fields of work after graduation:

As a result of the distinction of this specialization, he has enormous academic career opportunities that can satisfy the graduate’s professional, personal and material ambition to the fullest extent, in addition to the skills that the graduate acquires qualifies him to work in many areas, including:


1- The field of teaching: where he can work in schools and colleges, and he can also work as a private teacher.


2- Research field: where the graduate can work in research centers that depend on mathematics and its branches.


3- Working within financial institutions that depend on statistics as a financial accountant in a large number of companies affiliated with the private sector or financial ministries of the public sector.


4- Work within industrial establishments.


5- Working to develop programming languages ​​and the like for programming specialists.

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