Thursday, 1 October 2020

Structured Programming Languages

Structured Programming Languages, the technology sector is booming greatly, whether in electronics or software and in order for engineers or non-engineers wishing to enter the field of technology, they must have the appropriate skill in using a set of programming languages ​​that are most needed these days.


The puzzling question remains: what are the most important programming languages ​​that you must learn in order to keep pace with the modern era:


programming languages


1- C:

Engineers will often have sufficient knowledge of programming via C, but if you are not an engineer, you must learn the C language, especially as it is closer to the absence of programming to understanding machine language, through which you will be able to identify how programming languages ​​deal with computers in other words, which is the basis for which you should Build on it so you must learn it well.


2- C ++:

C ++ is the first language after C that deals with Object-Oriented Programming, and it is the basic programming language on which Firefox and all Adobe products originated. You want to get into the open-source field Linux.


3- C #:

Structured Programming Languages, It is called in the Alborghin language C Sharp, a language that has many uses. It was originally developed by Microsoft and is a product of the combination of C, C ++, and can be learned.


4- Java:

Java is one of the most important object-oriented programming languages ​​that exist these days of the type of object-oriented programming, which was created by Sun in 1990. The Java language is used in many software applications, web applications, mobile applications, and games, and through it it can create programs that work on all systems of Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it is one of the most languages. Programming required in the whole world.


5- PHP:

Structured Programming Languages, It is one of the programming languages ​​that work on its programs for free and that you program on it through text sentences in order to program some parts on the Dynamic websites and web applications. It can be easily integrated with HTML to create integrated website applications. The amazing thing about the power of this language is that it works on more than 200 million websites around the world, including WordPress and Facebook.


6- Python:

Python is one of the high-level programming languages ​​used in programming mobile and web applications. It is considered the easiest language for beginners and its code is easily readable. You can do compressed codes so that it does more than one task in the same matter. This language works on programming many sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and is also used on Google and NASA platforms.

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