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Systems Analysis and design


Systems Analysis and design, technology has become the main world in our life and we use it permanently, so people look for ways to analyze and design systems, to retain information and from loss, and we will know in our article all the information on the analysis and design of systems in a good and simple way.


Information systems analysis method

Systems analysis is directly related and carries out the processes related to organizing the information present within any system as it arranges it into specific groups and elements, easy to deal with and use in a simple and good way, and also saves the information on exports and imports of the company or institution, then the system is analyzed to find out the existing problems Doing and avoiding them in the new system.


Stages of systems analysis and design

The company determines the disclosure of its requirements of information and systems so that the analyst can carry out a study of the company and make an analysis of all and all the data collected and the information requirements.

Then the analyst collects all the information and identifies the important points in it to do the analysis of the system, which is a miniature depiction of the design method that he wants to create.

The next step is to make a study for the current system in the institution, then the analyst will take an inventory of all the problems that faced that system so that he can make a new system free of these problems and the causes that led to them. All information and facts related to the system to be designed shall be counted from important documents, papers, books, and information related to individuals working in the facility.

After that, the analyst reviews all the information completely accurately and scans any previous system at this stage, so that it is easy to collect all previous data and put it on the new system after designing and analyzing it.

After that, an analysis is made for all activities that are related to any information about the facility to monitor all exports and imports necessary to design a system and analyze it so that the analyst is aware of all the information about the facility to design a strong system that includes all the data.

And in the final stage, the analyst creates an accurate system that collects all the facility-related information with deep description and simplified analysis.


Steps to analyze and organize systems


1- Public order

This system is known by that name because it collects all the information, data, and goals of the organization in general, and ideas are grouped into several points, including the following:

  •  Output design.
  •  Input design.
  •  Processing design.
  •  Database design.


2- Physical design 

This step is of great importance in defining and designing the system as you know the specifications for the hardware, software and systems you need.

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