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Technical Reporting Writing


Technical Reporting Writing, the process of writing technical reports is one of the most important administrative processes at all levels as it contributes to the communication process and in its codification, as it contributes to saving time and providing the necessary feedback in conducting effective delegation


Meanings and communication process:

In any communication process, there must be three components: the source (the speaker or writer), the destination (the listener or the recipient), and the message (the meanings intended to convey).


These components are closely related to each other, where the source encodes the message, that is, to understand the message to be sent to the recipient and formulate it into words, phrases, and sentences, then the recipient decodes this code according to his experience so that it becomes clear and understandable. The more the source makes an effort in the encryption process, the clear and understandable the message will reach the recipient.


Technical Reporting Writing From here, the source must realize that words refer to facts and that past experiences, memories, and the surrounding external environment - all of these factors affect the source's choice of the symbols (words - phrases - sentences) used in sending the message, and the same factors that affect understanding The recipient of the message.


The method used in encoding the message and sending it through different channels varies according to the recipient - hence the importance of the three aspects mentioned above in the communication process.


Approximation of ideas and words

Language is the connecting link between the reality in the outside world and the concepts or ideas in the minds of individuals, and because the nervous system differs from one person to another, each individual sees the truth in a different way, which can lead to problems in the communication process.


Therefore, effective technical writing must be clear, specific, and accurate, as the sober Arabic language and accurate knowledge of the meanings to be conveyed help both the writer and the recipient in the process of effective communication.


The accurate transfer of what we receive through the senses is a complex process that increases in complexity if we realize that our method in recording our thoughts is language, we may intend to convey a certain meaning using a word, but due to the difference in the background, experience and personal composition of the recipient, he may understand this word in a different manner and in another sense. Hence the problems arise in the communication process.


The distinction between the personal style and the objective method of conveying information is the core of the subject. The personal style is influenced by the individual's personality and experiences, while the objective style is independent of itself and is subject to external factors and leads to sound artistic writing.


Technical writing is concerned only with abstract information, and the language used in it has nothing to do with emotions or imagination. Rather, it addresses the mind, where words are specific and the primary goal of the message is to deliver the information correct and integrated.


Arrange your speech - the role of the paragraph

1 - Put a number of paragraphs - allocate a paragraph for each main idea or fact. This process takes place before the actual writing process begins.


2 - Use the first paragraph to inform the reader about the topic of the speech. I tie this letter to any previous correspondence, but do not repeat the topic of the other person's speech and give it priority over the response you make.


3 - Businessmen and employees do not read letters for the purpose of pleasure, and therefore they want the letters to be short and specific that directly address the topic they are to address.


4 - Try to see the closing paragraph before you start, and keep moving towards the closing paragraph as you write the opening sentences. Use the final paragraph to make it easier for the reader to take the action you want


5- Keep sentences, phrases, and paragraphs short. Technical writing experts prefer that the sentence consists of an average of twenty words, although they also prefer a variety of sentence lengths. Usually, the opening paragraph is short and the closing paragraph is short, while the longest paragraphs are in the middle of the speech. Similar ideas are placed in one paragraph so that the meaning can be communicated to the reader easily and accurately.

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