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What are the Computer And Society

What are the Computer And Society, in a time ruled by variables and the machine takes its place at the fore in the array of necessities and luxuries of our lives, so that our time is considered an urgent need that we cannot do without or live without?


This computer age is coming to us from the depth of our need for a helper and assistant in every corner of our scientific life, including the process, and the mind often stands lost and perplexed thinking about employing the laws of life and harnessing them to serve him or synthesizing himself with them in order to achieve a major goal behind that, which is his comfort.


Computer And Society

The idea of ​​the computer was not modern, but rather old as the human need for a helper and assistant in performing mathematical operations, so the person used the fingers of his hands to count his things, such as the sheep he takes care of, for example.


Computer And Society And when the number of fingers on the hands was no longer sufficient for the person's need to count and count, he used pebbles, he placed them in a pouch and attached each pebble in his pouch to one of his sheep if he was counting his sheep, for example.


Thus, with the development of human life, he began to think about the invention of a machine that would help in completing his calculations and works, so the need to perform mathematical operations was the first nucleus of the invention of the computer that we see today soaring at the top of humanity's creativity.


The computer, also called the computer, is an electronic device that performs mathematical and logical operations on a group of data and processes it and produces results (information) that we can use in our life.


So, the basic function of a computer is to perform arithmetic and logic, and all the work that the computer does is ultimately due to mathematical and logical operations.


But what do we mean by arithmetic operations and what do we mean by logical operations and what are the data and what is the information and what is the difference between them Are not two names for the same thing, do we not collect data about people and things and enter it into the computer to give us the results we want?


What is the difference between data and information?


We often hear people saying that we collect information or enter information into the computer. If we are entering information to it, what is the size of the benefit from it then?


There is a big difference between saying data (data) and saying information.


(JNf0rmaTjoN) from a computer point of view:


What is the data?

Data is a collection of facts and observations that are collected from a specific statistical community and entered into a computer to process them and produce results.


Computer uses

No area of ​​our life remains without the computer entering an active participant in the modernization, development, or optimal use of time and killing monotony. “Maybe one day you visited a hospital like the Royal Hospital in Boucher.” Did you notice that they use a computer? In which section did you see them using it? What is the use of a computer in a place like a hospital? Have you ever traveled by plane?


You must have needed to visit one of the travel and tourism offices or the main office of an airline 'Have you seen them use the computer? Why do they use a computer? What is the point of it there? Have you ever thought about how a pilot knows his flight path? Or who helps him to fly his plane? Have you noticed that in most of the places you visit every day you see computers being used and it helps in increasing production efficiency?

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