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What is Computing Algorithms



What is Computing Algorithms, the idea of ​​algorithms in a computer stems essentially from the concept of algorithms. It is a basic method and a rule upon which the factors of building and designing programs and computer processes are based. Anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of computer operations must take a deep look at the principle of algorithms in the computer.


The concept of algorithms in computers

If you want a computer to do anything, you must first write a computer program, and to write a computer program, you have to tell your computer precisely and in detailed steps what you want it to do, so that the computer performs these steps perfectly professionally, and thus executes the program, leading to the application of the intended target.


When you ask the computer to do something, you can also choose how to do it, and here comes the role of algorithms in the computer, as it is a simple technique to accomplish the intended goal.


In the world of computer Algorithms, there is more than one method, i.e. an algorithm, to accomplish the required tasks and operations, and each algorithm differs with its pros and cons due to its difference in the implementation of operations.


Types of algorithms

When looking at algorithms in computers from the perspective of different ways of working, we will get these main types:


Ranking algorithm

The most widespread and used, depends, as its name implies, on the arrangement of the menus, as the work of the computer requires the organization and arrangement of many lists and lists of programming commands.


This algorithm branches out into several sub-types as well: Quick Sort, Merge Order, Bubble Sort, and more.


Comprehensive search algorithm

A method based on taking a look at the solutions, the available capabilities, and choosing the best one.


Hash and split algorithm

The principle of this algorithm is to break down computational problems into small parts and then solve them.


Greedy solution algorithm

A method that solves the problems you face by using the best solutions or methods available at the present time, with complete disregard for the future, or future solutions and methods.


Dynamic programming algorithm

It depends on extracting or reaching a solution through the previous side or small solutions, or studying previous solutions and deducing a new solution that fits the situation in front of it, and it is considered one of the most recent and effective algorithms.


Examples of algorithms in a computer

In order to understand how the algorithms work in the computer, it is necessary to simplify the matter in a simple example and let's say that you have a friend who will arrive at the airport in your city, and he must go from the airport to your home.


From a computer perspective, more than one specific algorithm must be defined in clear steps, in order to accomplish this goal, or sometimes the goal is simple and it is sufficient to define one algorithm to achieve it, such as the example in which we are talking about receiving a friend from the airport.


For example, we put the algorithm for the taxi ride, and put clear and detailed steps for this algorithm: First; Go to a taxi stop, take a taxi, and give the taxi driver your home address.


Or we can use a second algorithm, such as relying on riding the bus, and an algorithm that follows it must be accompanied by neat and clear steps, because as we said, the computer follows these steps accurately and carefully.


As we can see, the existence of different types of algorithms is due to the different way each of them executes the desired goal, as the steps of riding a taxi differ from the steps of riding the bus, and just as there are different pros and cons when comparing riding a bus with a taxi, the algorithms in the computer also differ in their efficiency and effectiveness.

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