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What is web Programming?




What is web programming, we can define programming as the process of directing commands and writing instructions to a computer or any other device, such as DVD readers, in addition to video and audio receivers in modern communication systems, so that this is directed The device and informing it of how to deal with the data, as well as how to implement (the algorithm), which is a series of required actions?


What is web programming?

Programming websites is a form of writing instructions and directing orders with the aim of creating or building a page or a number of web pages, using one of the available web programming languages, and these pages can also be linked with a database so that they turn from just web pages to a distinct script.


What is the difference between web programming and computer programming?

Many are ignorant of the difference between web programming and computer programming, and here we will explain this difference briefly, as it can be said that website programming is concerned with web pages, sites, and scripts that are displayed on the browser, for example:


The web programmer is not able to do application programming for the computer, as it is specialized in programming and building website pages and linking them to databases and other operations related to website programming.


Whereas computer programming is concerned with OS, and computer programs. It should be noted that computer programming languages ​​are significantly different from web programming languages.


It is worth noting that HTML is an acronym for the sentence:


HTML: HyperText Markup Language.


Or, as it is known, the web programming language (HTML), is a number language used in the creation and design of web pages and websites, and this language can be considered as one of the oldest and most used languages ​​in the design of the web pages.


As HTML gives the structure of the web page, in addition to it gives the internet browser description of how to display its contents, as it indicates to the internet browser that this is a headline or that paragraph and a lot of other information that it shows.


It is noteworthy that HTML uses what is known as 'tags' to issue instructions to the browser. These tags are placed between two tags that are greater than '>' and smaller than '<'.


Web programming languages ​​First, it is necessary to mention the meaning of the word language, where language can be defined as the method of communication and understanding between people. In the case of computers, language can be defined as the way in which the computer understands the user’s request.


As we are, there is in our life a set of terms and words whose use differs according to our need for them, as well as the different programming languages ​​have this feature as well, as there are many existing programming languages, and these languages ​​differ in terms of their work and purpose, but in the end, all these languages ​​are translated Into machine language 0 and 1.

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