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Advanced communication system


Advanced communication system, communications represent a fundamental pillar of information and communication technology, especially after the development that occurred in the field of telecommunications technology, and the emergence of the concept of the communication computer and its connection to networks, especially the Internet, which turned the world into a small global village.


Communication systems

Communication systems play a fundamental role in achieving communications between computers located in various locations, whether they are close or spatially separated, and therefore we will deal in this part with communication systems, where we will begin by defining the concept of communication, and then we will touch on the concept of the communication system and its basic components.


Communication concept

Communication was defined as “the process of transferring different forms of data (text, written, pictures, graphics) from a group of electronic devices to a group of other electronic devices that are spatially separated through media or channels”.


As a result of the connection of computers to communications, the concept of communications has expanded to include the transfer and exchange of information over distances, regardless of location or geographical location, and by relying on telecommunications technology, such as wired and wireless means and electronic means such as networks of various types.


Communication system concept

A communication system expresses a compatible set of physical and non-physical components of a computer arranged in such a way as to allow the exchange of information from one location to another.


The communication system also expresses the method by which data is exchanged over a computer network, whereby the basic functions of the communication process are distributed among all devices and equipment associated with the network.


Communication system components

In general communication systems consist of the following elements:

Computers: They are a group of computers connected to each other within the network, which operates information.

Terminals: They are electronic units that receive or send data circulating through a computer network, and therefore these terminals may be personal computers, self-exchange devices, or other devices.

Communication channels: It is the means that transmits data from one equipment to another equipment in the network, as it is the pathways through which data is transmitted, and the channel can use multiple types of communication media.

Communication processors: It performs the task of supporting the operations of transmitting and receiving data from terminals and computers, as it performs a set of control and support functions in a wired and wireless telecommunications network, for example, it is responsible for converting data from its digital form to its analog form or vice versa, and it also encrypts data and controls the speed and accuracy And the efficiency of communication flow between the sensors and the terminals in the network, and these devices include transformers, repeaters, collectors, concentrators, routers, and bridges.

Communication software: It is a software that controls the input and output activities and manages the communication functions of a computer network, that is, it is responsible for transmitting messages over the network, and communication programs are usually stored in the host computer or terminal drivers so that the computers and terminals connected to the network can exchange data and programs.



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