Monday, 14 December 2020

Business process management / semester 7


Business process management, the multiplicity of goals that the departments in every organization seek to achieve, the basic measure of the efficiency and effectiveness of production remains profitability, despite the multiplicity of concepts and production management, and the focus on understanding them and understanding the constituent elements according to the degree of their importance and the relationship of each of them to production processes.


The general meaning is still centered around allocating and reducing the use of resources, obtaining high quality and appropriate quantities, that is, achieving a lot of relatively few resources.


This applies to all members of the organization, as productivity is not only a criterion for success in achieving goals and objectives, but in itself, it is a specific goal pursued by all organizations, regardless of the nature of the activity they perform, or the quality of the goods they produce or the services they provide.


Management of productive operations

The concept of productive operations management expresses the management and organization of commercial practices and activities to achieve the highest level of efficiency within the institutions and organizations of a commercial nature and is concerned with allocating materials and labor to produce goods and services of high quality as much as possible in order to increase the enterprise's profit.


Operations management teams try to balance costs and revenues to obtain the highest operating and productive profit possible.


Productivity management includes managing, planning, and supervising operations, and making the improvements needed to reach the desired commercial and production goal.


The adjustments in the daily administrative and production processes should support the strategic objectives of the company. Therefore, performing this task is preceded by deep analysis and measurement of the current operations.


Skills needed to achieve effective production operations management

Achieving efficiency and effectiveness in product management requires the availability of several requirements and skills, as follows:


Organizational capabilities, the organization of product management in the enterprise requires a set of planning skills and setting priorities, from implementation to control.


Together, these capabilities help the manager achieve productivity and efficiency. In addition to the necessity to provide analytical capabilities, through an understanding of production processes, and often includes the ability to understand processes in a broad understanding of other functions related to production, and therefore it is very important to pay attention to details and delve into their analysis.


Among the skills required is also coordination of the ability to coordinate production processes. Once the processes are analyzed and understood, they can be improved to achieve maximum production efficiency and effectiveness. Rapid decision-making is a loud and very important feature, as well as focus and accuracy in solving management and manufacturing problems.

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