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Digital Electronics


Digital Electronics, the most important use behind the so-called information revolution is the use of the transistor as a switch or electronic switch that allows or does not allow electrical current to pass into it by passing a tiny electrical current into the base of the bipolar transistor or by applying a voltage An electrician on the gate of the unipolar transistor.


The transistor has been used as an electronic key in building all the digital logic circuits that the computer needs, as these logic circuits are nothing but a set of switches connected in series or in parallel, and when opening and closing them, we get the logic operations on which the digital computer works.


With the shift to the use of digital technology in electrical communication systems in the 1960s, the digital electronics industry began to thrive, serving computer and communication systems alike, as digital logic circuits are the ones that process all types of digital signals regardless of their source.


Digital Electronics

Digital electronic circuits deal with a specified number of voltage levels instead of the infinite number in regular circuits or the so-called standard or analog circuits. Often digital circuits use only two levels of voltage or current and such circuits are called digital binary circuits.


Advantages of digital electronic circuits

The most important characteristic of dual digital circuits is the ease of designing and manufacturing them because they deal with only two levels of voltage and their high resistance to noise signals generated within these circuits, as well as the possibility of connecting a large number of stages in a row without the digital signal being distorted during its transmission through these stages.


There is another very important feature for digital system designers, which is the ability to build their systems, regardless of their complexity and whatever the purpose for which they are designed from basic digital logic units such as logic gates, recorders, counters, hoppers, and timers.


Therefore, manufacturers of digital integrated circuits have produced huge quantities of these digital electronic parts that are consumed by the manufacturing markets of various types of digital devices and equipment in various electronic industries.


Manufacture of digital electronic circuits

Digital electronic circuits are manufactured using two main technologies which are bipolar transistor technology and unipolar transistor technology.


The bipolar transistor technology, in turn, consists of several families, because the switching speed, the amount of energy consumed, and the space the circuit occupies on the chip does not depend only on the type of transistor, but on the way in which the transistors are connected with the rest of the electronic components.


In the early 1960s, the first logic families appeared, which is the so-called resistance transistor logic, where logic circuits are built from transistors and resistors only.

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