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Digital system design


Digital system design, Digital Design is a science related to electronic circuits. These circuits are used in designing systems in many devices such as digital computers, electronic calculators, and also used in digital communication equipment and many other applications.


Components used in electronic circuits

As we mentioned, most devices deal with digital signals. Many electrical and electronic components are used in electronic circuits such as resistors, capacitors, and other components.


1- Resistors

Electrical resistors come in many forms, including fixed-value and variable-value resistors. Fixed resistors come in many sizes, depending on the wattage of each resistance. Digital system design is meant by multiplying the current passing through the resistance by the potential difference on the resistance. The electrical resistance is measured in ohms.


Resistance is a physical property that blocks the passage of electric charges through it. Resistance occurs when the moving electrons in a material collide with the atoms. As a result, energy is produced in the form of heat (as a result of the change of electrical energy into thermal energy).


2- Capacitors

Capacitors exist in many forms, including fixed value and variable, and they are classified in many ways. They are either classified according to the voltage difference that they can bear, digital system design, or according to the manufacturing method.


A capacitor is an electronic element that is used in electrical and electronic circuits. The function of the capacitor is to control the flow of electrical charges in the electronic circuit.

The reason why the capacitor is called by this name is that it condenses and maintains charges inside it like an instantaneous battery.


Devices used to test digital circuits

  1. Oscilloscope.
  2. Logical Analyst.
  3. Logical Indicator.
  4. Pulse injector.
  5. Multipurpose measuring device.
  6. Vibrational generator.
  7. Power source.


Counting systems


1- The decimal system

In the decimal system, we use ten numbers from zero to nine to express quantities from zero to nine. Digital system design When we express quantities greater than nine, we use a complex number of the same numbers from zero to nine, but in this case, the position of the number within the number has a certain weight.


2- Binary counting system

In the binary system, there are only two numbers, which are 0 and 1 1. This means that any quantity greater than one will be expressed by a complex number of zeros and the one, but the position of each zero or one will have a certain value here. There is a possibility of converting from the binary system to the decimal system and vice versa.

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