Monday, 14 December 2020

E-business fundamentals


E-business fundamentals, knowing the basics of e-commerce seems inevitable at the moment for entrepreneurs, especially if we know that this field is one of the most growing areas, and Internet Retailer stated that it is expected that online sales in the United States alone will reach 523 billion dollars in The next five years.


Before talking about the basics of e-commerce, we must point out that e-commerce in essence means buying and selling goods and services over the Internet. This commercial pattern appeared, for the first time, in the sixties through the exchange of electronic data, and with the advent of the nineties, the matter took a more sophisticated and complex path, especially with the emergence of Amazon.


Basics of e-commerce

There are some basics that must be taken into consideration when entering the field of e-commerce, including the following:


Product and market selection

It seems intuitive, it makes sense to know what you want to sell and to whom you will sell, and although the most prominent feature of e-commerce is that anyone can sell anything, this does not guarantee your success.


What you have to do then - and this is one of the basics of e-commerce - is to find the (potential) consumer who can buy this product, which means that conducting thorough market research is an essential step that is inevitable.


Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform provider, has put together a complete guide on how to find a good product to sell online.


Determine the platform

If you have determined the product that you will sell on the Internet, the next step is to know where to display it, that is, to choose the appropriate platform for that. You can, of course, set up a private site and display your products on it, but this may take a long time for the audience to know you and reach your products, while it is possible for you to use some other platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Squarespace.


Whatever system or platform you will use in your e-commerce, it will have an impact on the cost and level of management required to run the platform to operate.


Design your own website

Website design is one of the basics of e-commerce, especially if you prefer this way of displaying products on major platforms with a lot of presence, and this design process may be expensive and time-consuming.


The most important thing is to keep in mind that the website is the front of your brand, and it can be a customer attraction and maybe a pickaxe for demolition; So it is of utmost importance that you pay special attention to it and make sure it is up to standard.


Payment method

As long as you enter the field of e-commerce, it is important to provide appropriate payment options for customers who will have the desire to buy this or that product that you put on your site. The more varied the payment options are and the more customers are commensurate with the number of customers, the better the sales rates will be.


It is important here, especially if you are new to this field, that you work to deliver the product to customers immediately upon payment, and that it reaches them at the exact time. Failure in these matters means a blow to your credibility.


At a later stage, you can seek the help of some specialized shipping companies, but, in any case, it is important that the product reaches the customer on time exactly.

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