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Electronic measurements


Electronic measurements are a type of measurement whose structure is semiconductors and depends on all available electronic components.


What is the analogy?

Measurement is the procedure that aims to determine the value of a specific property, within a specific process, depending on devices and means that differ according to the field used.


The measurements are generally divided into three types:

  • Electronic measurements: their structure is mainly semiconductors.
  • Mechanical Measurements: Its structure is mainly based on mechanical parts.
  • Defaults: are the hardware + software built-in.


Reasons for the spread of electronic measurements

The relative ease in converting any physical amount in general into an electrical signal or electrical amount (voltage or current) by means of elements called sensors.

Ease of signal conditioning using both types of signal conditioners: electrical and electronic. It should be noted that there are three types of conditioning: amplification - correction - filtering.

Ease of transmitting the signal representing the size of the measurement, and either the transmission is wired or not.

Ease of showing the measurement result, either in analog or digital form.

Ease of entering the signal into the computer, which allows additional treatments such as reducing the measurement error (the measurement error is reduced by performing the averaging operation, i.e. repeating the experiment several times and then taking the mean).

Ease of storage.


Elements of the means of measurement

A. Standards instruments.

B. Sensors.

C. Signal conditioners.

D. Digital analog and analog-digital switches.

E. Digital processing units.

F. Sampler.

G. Standards.


We can also say that from B to F are elements that form the so-called collection systems.



There are two types of scales:

Traditional scales.

Hypothetical metrics.


Scale in general:

It is a device that can convert a physical amount (measurement purpose) into a recordable amount (file storage - display screen - etc.).


Default scale:

It mainly depends on the software for its working principle, and there are three definitions:

A combination of hardware and software components used with a personal computer to perform the traditional measurement.

It is the ability to use graphic software that helps in visualizing and processing the measurement results.


Conditions necessary for the scale to be hypothetical:

The interface to the user should be any software.

A sufficient condition is that the hardware cannot work by default without the software.

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