Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Electronics 2


Electronics 2, Electronics science is the science that studies the electronic chips and circuits in electronic devices and their principle of operation. “It depends mainly on studying the flow of electrical charges (electronics) and their flow-through media such as; Air, gas, and semiconductors.


The world of electronics is a world full of fun, energy, and control of everything through electronic and electrical circuits. Which is the basic structure of any device, invention, or electronic design. Your understanding of electronic circuits is the first step for you to enter the world of electronics, analyze them, and understand how they work and where to start work.


Types of strong electrons

There are four main types of strong electron circuits, namely:

  1. Rectifiers.
  2. Inverters.
  3. Chopping syllables.
  4. Cycloconversion frequency converters.
  5. Rectifiers.
  6. The rectifiers convert alternating current into direct current.


These rectifiers are used in electrical transformers in order to reduce or raise the voltage to the required level and the normal diodes to perform the rectification process.


Rectifiers are used in all devices that only operate with direct current, and they are often found inside these devices, and examples of such devices are television, radio, recorder, computer, and many other devices.



Inverters are used to power devices that operate only with alternating current. Examples of such devices are neon lights and also AC motors from a direct current source such as batteries.


Inverters are widely used in emergency power source units that supply them with electric power when electricity is cut off, such as hospitals, banks, computer centers, and other places, and this is done by batteries that have been previously charged from the public electricity network.


Also in the uninterruptible power supplies that are used in operating rooms in hospitals and many devices that need to be kept operational and not affected by any power outages.


Inverters are also used to convert the electrical energy that is generated from solar energy into electrical energy, the electrical energy that is generated from solar energy is direct current and is converted using inverters into alternating current, that energy is used to feed the public grid.



This type of powerful electronic circuits is used in devices and equipment that require several levels of effort to be fed to their components, and that feeding varies from a direct current source with a single voltage level such as batteries to several other levels. Examples of these devices are batteries, television, satellites, and vehicles.


Frequency converters

This type converts alternating current into alternating current of different frequencies. This type is used in engine speed control systems and is also used in radio wave heating systems. These switches are used alongside the regular diodes developed for this reason. These diodes are called controlled silicon diodes.


In diodes, there is a third party other than the two ends of the regular diode, and these two parties are the elevator and the cathode. It is used in the case of opening and closing the diode by applying electrical impulses to it. The most famous of these diodes is a thyristor.

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