Monday, 14 December 2020

Global business


Global business, the world is based on money, isn't it? This is a fact that cannot be denied in the modern era at all, where small businesses can become huge companies with many branches around the world in the blink of an eye, due to the art of business management.


By studying business administration sciences, you will not only become an expert in this field and an economic advisor to others, but this will also help you create, manage and grow your own business as well.


Global business

Business administration is one of the most famous majors in the world, and millions of people devote themselves to it every year.


Therefore, it is a discipline that requires sophistication, acumen, and intelligence, and this is in order to compete in this reality and achieve the desired success.


You can study this specialization in many colleges, names differ around the world, but in Arab societies, the college (commerce) remains the origin.


What do you study in business administration:

In the first year of that specialization, you take many introductory courses that gain your experience in various commercial fields.


Where you can interact with employees and customers around you, as well as study mathematics in a way that helps in making tables and making complex business calculations, and a lot in the middle as well.


Then you go to the actual stage of specialization in the field of business administration, and business administration is usually specialized in one of four areas:


  1. Public domain.

  2. Marketing field.

  3. The financial field.

  4. The field of financial management.


Each of these areas differs from its peers in many subjects, but there are some common subjects as well.


The public domain is where you study the basics of management and the science of management in general, such as public relations, company management, the art of crisis management, people and institutions with all their facilities, and in the marketing field literally everything related to marketing is studied, such as:


International marketing and global marketing research, and in the field of finance to study the principles and foundations of financing and spending based on the need of companies and the factors on which the financing value depends, as well as real estate financing as well.


Finally, in the field of financial management, you study how to deal with budgets, salaries, stocks, and financial instruments, for example, you study subjects such as management accounting and investment.


Why should you choose to study Business Administration?

Business administration is one of the most important branches of management science, which has significantly contributed to improving the standard of living of the individual.


The science of management is mainly related to the art of making sound decisions, in addition to that business learners can predict future matters, enabling them to develop alternative plans to bypass crises, and we can describe that specialization with the rocket engine, which gives the spacecraft - which is the organization here - strong momentum, and therefore it is preparing A business administration student is the true Superman of this time.

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