Thursday, 17 December 2020

Intro to communication systems


Intro to communication systems, when talking about the field of communication, the focus is often on modern technologies that provide communication between phones and transmission towers or between computers, smart devices, and modems for sending wireless signals. In fact, the true meaning of the term Telecommunication means "remote communication."


Despite the diversity of methods of communication and communication between humans by different means throughout history, the term “telecommunication” has been devoted to the engineering field that is concerned with converting any information into an electrical signal and uploading it to the Carrier, and then sending it to another place where there is a future device working on Converting that electrical signal to its original form and extracting useful information from it.


Communications Technology and Engineering

Communication systems are always in a state of constant development due to their wide association with many other technical engineering fields, so the advancement of one field gives an opportunity to develop communication systems from a certain direction. For example, the various electronic components (active / passive, linear / nonlinear ... etc).


It is the physical basis on which communication systems are built-in transmitters and receivers, and this means that the development and progress of communication systems are linked to another technical field, which is the development of the quality and efficiency of electronic elements. Also worth noting in this field is the important observation regarding the importance of one of the basic sciences: mathematics.


In the field of remote communication technologies, we will clearly see the practical embodiment of many mathematical operations related to Differential Equations, Series Series, Probability, Trigonometric Relationships, and others.


Finally, the field of communication in the field in which the techniques and physical insights are being realized that are interested in discovering alternative means for traditional wired transmission and remote communication such as the wireless signal and soon, Li-Fi optical signals.


Indication and information

In short, all types of information and data that are exchanged across different types of communication systems are called in the engineering domain a "signal". So, before we talk about the system itself, we must talk a little bit about the signal that it will send through its two ends.


How do we deal with the signal?

Here appears the first actual embodiment of mathematics in the field of communication, where we represent the signals transmitted through communication systems using mathematical relationships, and the transmission and reception systems are designed and built according to these mathematical relationships in order to transmit the information carried within the signals.


But what is the nature of that information? Certainly, the nature of information varies according to the quality of the communication system itself, as it may be analog or digital.

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