Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Mathematics 5


Mathematics 5, there are a lot of people who say that mathematics is of no importance or benefit, and some people are completely wrong; Mathematics has a lot of importance and benefits, and above all let us know what is meant by mathematics?


Mathematics: It is the science of the logical study of things, how they are, and how they are interconnected. It is also the science of the pure, abstract study of sequential issues and systems.


Benefits of Mathematics:

Mathematicians often encounter this question: What is the use of mathematics ??

There are many benefits of mathematics, especially in the simplest, realistic business dealings that even a youngster who has not yet enrolled in school uses.


But the greatest benefit of mathematics, in my opinion, is the ability of this material to stimulate the brain with its various issues and ideas, especially in solving problems. Mathematics is a subject that transforms a person from a mentally lethargic person to an open-minded person. These are the simplest benefits of wonderful mathematics.

Who among you does not like to be open-minded and active-minded.


There is no doubt that mathematics, with its various branches, has helped humans from ancient times to the present day in studying and analyzing the relationships between different natural phenomena and thus in getting acquainted with some of the laws governing the universe full of secrets revealed by scientific progress from time to time.


Therefore, we can determine that mathematical methods were and still are the mainstay upon which the development and advancement of the various natural sciences are based and that different civilizations have been closely related to the progress of these methods and the emergence of geniuses of this science such as the Sheikh of Arab mathematicians (Al-Khwarizmi), Pascal, Leibnitz, and Newton, the founder of mathematics. Modern in the Renaissance and Einstein pioneered the age of the atom and the space in which we live.


We are witnessing at the present time a "tremendous" development in science, economics, business administration, accounting, and computer, and the tremendous development that followed, and the use of modern mathematical methods that relied on linear programs and operations research, which in turn depend on determinants, matrices, and probabilities, which helped humans to uncover many mysteries in Various scientific fields.


One teacher says about the benefit of mathematics:

We, teachers, are subject to questions from our students about the benefits of mathematics in our lives, so I answer them that the scientific building consists of building blocks stacked on top of each other in an orderly and accurate manner, and every science and every discoverer adds a new building block to this building. In mathematics, which depends on the calculation of quantities, centers of gravity, and forces acting.


If you want to become a "civilian" or military surveyor, you must possess enough capacity for one aspect of mathematics, and if you want to specialize in any of the university scientific subjects you must have a good result in mathematics as a passport that you can pass to other sciences and climb ranks High academic degrees until you become a scientist or "explorer".

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