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Microelectronics circuits


Microelectronics circuits, electronic devices have become an indispensable part of life, these appliances include refrigerator, air conditioning, fan, air conditioner, television, computers, laptops, kitchen gadgets, and many more.


Electronic device

An electronic device is one that is manufactured according to electronic laws of motion and controlled by the use of special circuits that determine its type depending on the function of the device.


It may be used for amplification, modulation, and oscillation, and it may be used for sampling, logic, and storage. Integrated circuits and their types have been developed to be used effectively in these devices.


Integrated circuits and their types

An integrated circuit, also called a chip, is an electrical semiconductor chip made up of thousands or millions of small resistors, transistors, and capacitors.


It can play an important role as one of the components of a computer such as a chip processor, computer memory, timer, or amplifier.


These circuits are distinguished by the fact that millions of small circuits are included within a coherent piece of silicon and not separate individual components. The following describes integrated circuits and their types:


Analog or linear circuits

And it is considered a simple type, usually, this type is connected to devices that collect signals from the environment and process and re-transmit them again, for example, the microphone converts sound into electrical signals with a variable voltage, and then the symmetric circuit modifies these signals to make them meaningful. They amplify or filter them from unwanted sounds.


The ideal use of this type is to control devices in response to changing external conditions, such as programming the operation of an air conditioner or heater in response to a specific temperature that the temperature sensor reaches.


Digital circuits

The work of this type depends on accepting the voltage of one of the specified values ​​used to respond to binary quantities such as on and off and logic algebra, so it is called a binary circuit, the ideal use of this type in the design of digital computers and associated devices to implement specific functions.


Microprocessor circuits

When it comes to integrated circuits and their types, it is necessary to mention microprocessors. It is considered the most complex type, as it consists of thousands of individual digital circuits that each performs a specific function. These processors usually contain a CPU.


It also contains circuits known as records in which information is stored. They may be permanent records that contain instructions to carry out various operations or temporary records in which the numbers used in these operations are stored as well as the result.


Memory circuit

Usually, microprocessors are required to store more data than the capacity of the records, and here this additional information is transferred to special circuits called memory, consisting of dense rows of parallel circuits that use their own voltage states to store information, and it also stores temporary instructions and some programs that it needs. Computer processor.

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