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Microprocessor System


Microprocessor System, computer technology allows us to work very efficiently. But how does it work at all? This helps a whole host of different devices and devices. One of them is a microprocessor. What is? What are its functions? What characteristics does this device have? What is a microprocessor architecture? What parameters does it depend on?


What is a microprocessor?

This is the name of the device that the program is controlled by. Its mission is to process digital information and control this process.


Control of the processor should be small, but at the same time functional. From this, a number of characteristics emerge, which will be discussed now. Microprocessors are implemented on large ((C) LSI) integrated circuits, of which there may be several pieces. For them, the characteristic is:

  • Low cost (referring to mass production).
  • Ease of manufacturing (according to one technology).
  • It takes up little space (a few square centimeters or even a millimeter).
  • It differs in high reliability.
  • It consumes very little energy.
  • The microprocessor device relies heavily on its architecture. Moreover, this will be discussed and three types will be considered under the article.


The main characteristics of the microprocessor

There are four of them:

  1. Number ability.
  2. the performance.
  3. Drive system.
  4. Addressable memory.


Microprocessor groups

They are distinguished by three:

  1. CISC. There is a whole bunch of commands.
  2. RISC. There is a brief set of commands.
  3. MISC. There is a small set of commands, but they are very fast for this class of devices.


CISC type microprocessor

They can operate as part of a computer network. Also, there is the possibility of multi-tasking and memory protection. Microprocessors of this type can operate in two modes:


Protected and real. The first provides the ability to multitask and direct access to expanded memory. In addition, it is protected from extraneous appeals. In real mode, the 8086 microprocessor is simulated and there is one important operation.


RISC type microprocessor

You have the simplest and most used commands. If you need to do something complicated, an "assembly" is created for the necessary functions. A single machine cycle is spent on executing a command due to parallel execution and enforcement. For comparison, at CISC the smallest will go up to four.


What is a microprocessor?

There are two parts to it:

  1. The operating room contains control devices, computational logic, and microprocessor memory.
  2. Interface. It contains address records, port and bus control diagrams, plus a block of commands.


What matters is the architecture - the logical organization of the microprocessor, which defines its characteristics, characteristics, and the ability to build a computing system based on this device. There are three main types: CISC, RISC, and MISC (if we talk about universal devices).


Therefore, they have several sets of records that are working with varying degrees of progress. This allows you to perform operations literally "in transport mode". This has a positive effect on effective speed. Typically, a computer's microprocessor only works on one device - for example, a keyboard.

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