Thursday, 17 December 2020

Operation research


Operation research is a science that uses scientific methods and methods to study real problems, then provides more than one solution to them, and selects the optimal solution within the available capabilities. This science belongs to applied mathematics, and it has other names such as mathematical programming, financial engineering, decision science, marketing engineering, and systems analysis, but the best one is Operations Research because it includes all the previous fields in addition to other fields. fields.


Operation research interests

This science is concerned with improving or choosing specific processes and methods in order to reach the optimal solution to the problem with the least effort, time, cost, and maximum profit. Applications have extended to the operations basin in several areas such as:


Engineering, Communications, Industry, Marketing, Management, Transportation, Military, and many other fields There are many methods on which the research process depends, such as mathematical modeling, network programming, linear programming, and statistical analysis, to make decisions and arrive at an ideal solution.


Operations research requires knowledge of a lot of mathematical sciences, such as the battle of arithmetic using matrices, the science of probabilities, etc.


Operations research applications

Operations research, as mentioned above, is used in many civilian and military fields. We will mention here in this paragraph some of its applications:


Determining the optimal location from all sides for preparing a specific project, such as building a dam on a river, or building a bridge, a factory, or a hospital. For example, if there are three options for building a road to cross a mountain, then operations research can guide you to the best option. Will it finish? The road around the mountain, do we dig a tunnel from inside the mountain, or do we build bridges that pass from the side of the mountain.

Optimal activity scheduling, such as aircraft movement scheduling and crew activities at airports.

Reducing waiting times in queues, such as waiting in government centers or in private institutions.

Design production lines and assembly in factories in order to reduce costs and speed up production, such as production lines for ships, cars, or airplanes.

Choosing the optimum method in terms of speed, safety, cost, or all of these aspects combined to deliver goods from factories to distribution points or to customers.

Use simulation to manage traffic systems to reduce congestion, improve traffic, and reduce accidents.

Operations research is used to increase profits, improve quality, and reduce cost and production efficiency.

Organize phone use so that there is the largest number of calls within the capacity and capacity of the telephone network.

It is used in the design, implementation, planning, and management of water networks, railways, roads, gas pipelines, etc.

Operations research is used to organize human resource energies and optimize the workforce.

Operations research is used in the military field such as developing strategies and organizing simulation training programs, withdrawal plans, and the optimal use of military supplies and ammunition.

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