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Principles of software Archit


Principles of software Archit, the era in which we live in the era of software and technology, and one of the most prominent areas of life that the digital technology sector has entered into the fields of education and the organization of state affairs, there is no longer a field that dispenses with technology, its employment, and programming.


Therefore, these needs resulted in the existence of a specialization concerned with programming these technologies, developing them, and working on organizing life affairs through them.


What are the advantages of studying software engineering?

The Software Engineering specialization is one of the most important new majors that have appeared in the scientific arena according to the great need for it in the fields of work of computer specialists, as the specialists in software engineering carry out any necessary work to ensure the development and construction of software systems, depending on software engineering methodologies and approved standard standards.


The goal is to verify their good performance and safety from errors, and the specialization is concerned with building and maintaining software applications, using modern technical methods and tools to build programs, and the software engineer, therefore, combines scientific knowledge with practical skills, including computer science, information systems, project management, engineering sciences, in addition to knowledge. The applied field of the program.


Work fields of the software engineering specialization after graduation

The software engineering specialization sector is one of the sectors rich in job opportunities, and among the most important jobs and fields of work for the software engineering specialization are:


  1. Software Checker.
  2. programmer.
  3. Computer games programmer.
  4. IT service support specialist.
  5. Specializes in information security protection.
  6. Specialist in computer research.
  7. The field of research and development.
  8. Information systems analyst.
  9. Software Tester.
  10. Computer teacher.
  11. Database manager.
  12. Network and Communications Specialist.
  13. IT Project Manager.
  14. Responsible for the website.
  15. Supervisor of computer labs.
  16. Computer software engineer.
  17. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality.


What are the departments of the College of Software Engineering?

The Software Engineering major includes several departments, namely:

  • Application software.
  • Firmware.
  • Middleware.
  • Systems software.
  • Software checking.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Internet programming.
  • And other departments that develop and differ from one university to another.


Principles of software Archit

The subjects taught in the major in software engineering differ from one university to another, and among the most important of these subjects that are covered by the software engineering major are:

  1. Managing IT projects.
  2. Software Model Management.
  3. Information and network security.
  4. Internet programming.
  5. Visual programming.
  6. Multimedia programming.
  7. E-Commerce.
  8. Systems analysis and design
  9. Data structures.
  10. Algorithms Design and Analysis.
  11. Calculus
  12. Human interaction with the computer.

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