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Programming applications


Programming applications, if we want to speak in a somewhat technical way, programming (in English) is defined as the process of writing instructions and commands for electronic devices such as computers and phones, in order to make them achieve a specific goal.


But let us out the official definitions; Simply put, programming is writing code in special languages ​​known as "programming languages", in order to create a program that performs the function required of it by the programmer, such as developing a chat program, a movie-watching website, or even a car racing game.


Programming applications


The computer or smart devices are all capable of performing these tasks, but they need someone to explain to them in a language that understands what is required of them.


And here comes the role of the programmer: Programming applications Programming languages ​​are languages ​​that can be converted automatically into a language that computers can understand, but they are accurate languages ​​and need to be detailed.


For example, you cannot tell your phone to give you a calculator. You have to design the interface and tell the computer exactly what to do when the user presses each button.


Computer (meaning here, computer, any electronic device that processes information, such as a computer, phone, PlayStation and other devices) does not think


The programmer is the one who sets the way the program works (the so-called algorithm), and the computer literally applies it.


What are Programming Paths?

Now that you know what programming means, the second point of your journey is deciding which path to specialize in. It should be noted that a good programmer should have a general idea of ​​all the tracks, but his specialization should be in one path. Programming gives him all his time to master it. There are several sub-paths in programming, but the main paths can be divided into 4 general paths, which are:


1- The site development path

One of the most popular specializations in the Arab world and the reason is that it is relatively easy to enter by those who are not academically educated to code, in addition to the great demand for websites today. This path is divided into two sub-paths, Front-End and Back-End.


2- The path of developing smartphone applications

As the name indicates, the specialists in this path are working on developing applications for smartphones such as Android and iPhone.


If you choose this path, then you will be able to develop applications in various fields, such as web applications (linked to websites or servers in general, such as the Facebook application), or practical applications, such as applications to learn a specific language, or a smart alarm application.


3- The games development path

My personal favorite. No matter what I talk about this path, I will not fulfill it in my opinion, as I will need to write a full article on it (I may do this in the future). Unlike other paths, this one gives you complete freedom to pour all your imagination into your project.


The only obstacle in front of you is your ability to program. What is also distinguished in it is that the results are immediate. This means that when you write any code or learn something new, you can see the harvest of your labor directly in the game you are developing.

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