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Project management


Project management: The management of various projects needs many accurate studies for its success in a distinctive way, as the science of management, in general, is one of the most prominent sciences related to human life, and it aims to organize various administrative processes of all kinds and levels in order to achieve the individual and collective interests of individuals.


It also contributes to finding the strongest solutions needed for all problems, through what is implemented of appropriate and studied operations to be consistent with the nature of professional life related to specific systems through operations research and analysis of administrative systems information management.


What are the stages of project management?

The project is a set of activities applied to achieve specific goals during a certain period of time. It is the administrative function that seeks to lead any project in any field from its beginning until it is implemented.


 Project life cycle

Any project, regardless of its nature and the size of its activities, goes through a life cycle, as it is represented in:


1. Think about the project

This stage is the stage in which you create the idea of ​​the project itself, and search through it for the priority of this idea.


2. Project planning

This stage in which the project moves from a specific idea to a plan that highlights its objectives, all its activities, and services, in addition to the target groups and their methods of use.


3. Resource monitoring

As for this stage, the human and financial resources needed for the project to be implemented are determined, in addition to appointing individuals and work teams and allocating responsibilities to them.


4. Implementation of the project

The project is implemented and managed well, in addition to making sure that it is progressing according to what was planned in the right direction.


How to choose a project idea and work on sharing it

Identifying the needs to reach more than one idea can lead to confusion, as you may be unable to determine the correct idea that you want to apply, and in order to address this situation, it is necessary to arrange your ideas according to their priority and degree of importance, and the following factors can be used to determine the correct idea for your project:


1- Determine the extent to which this idea will achieve the mission and goals of your project.

2- Determine the extent of benefit from implementing this idea.

3- Determine the extent to which the target audience accepts this idea.

4- Determine the necessary experience in implementing the project.

5- Determine the availability of capabilities to implement this idea.

6- Determine the cost required to implement the idea.


After choosing a project idea, you should explain the idea by preparing it in a reference sheet for the idea and discussing it with the individuals who are implementing your project.

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