Monday, 14 December 2020

Scientific thinking


Scientific thinking, the importance of scientific thinking lies in its results and fruits, is reflected in its characteristics and features, and stems from its method and mechanism; It leads to finding the right solution at the right time at a lower cost. It has the advantage of:


1- Thinking with a clear approach, coherent steps.

2- Objective thinking.

3- Logical thinking.

4- Meaningful thinking.


In short, it is conscious, organized, logical, chemical reaction, and clear thinking. It is thinking: What? ... Why? ... and how?


The importance of scientific thinking may not be perceived by those who have not examined their way of thinking, and those who have not lived within a social system whose members think scientifically, Electrochemical cells and its importance may not be felt by those who have not been embroiled in the methodology of scientific thinking one day from the age and have not tasted its good fruits. Electrochemical cell Some may not be convinced except by application and example; galvanic cell This is normal, which makes it imperative to mix theory and practice.


Scientific thinking approach:


Thinking about a specific problem or project results in a decision, meaning that the thinker - in most cases - when his mind hardens in thinking, it is not without two situations:


  • Either think about a past problem, a summit, or an expected one.
  • Or in a specific project.


Here it should be noted that a person may think about partial issues, such as thinking about the relationship between two issues, Galvanic cells and this is what departs in the eyes of some from the previous two cases, and by meditation, we find that such thinking is usually a link in an integrated thinking system about a specific problem or project, Electrolysis cells even if it is not Likewise, the scientific method stresses the importance of the person thinking about such a topic invoking the goals that led him to think, with the possibility and necessity of benefiting from the curriculum of the two previous cases.


For the sake of greater clarity in the curriculum, Electrorefining, and better fruit in the results, it is appropriate for each case to be singled out for a special approach, according to the following theoretical detail and practical explanation:


Thinking about solving a particular problem:


One day I entered the house at a pace that was rushed by my mother's voice: Your brothers are all asleep! So what? The young people woke up to find the door closed ... and the adults fell asleep in the caveman. Electrochemical reactions We all started screaming: Get up. Get up .. Wake up. No one answered except the little ones and with an increasing screaming. I had a tremor with which I felt that I was thinking in a primitive way !! My face slit a corner ... and I began to question myself ... What is the problem? What are its causes? What do I want exactly? How do I get to what I want?


The problem is that the children are confined inside the room ... The reason is that the door is closed with the key and the adults have not woken up to open it. What I want is to get the children out quickly so that they are not affected psychologically. What is the solution!

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