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Strategic Planning for Information System


Strategic Planning for Information System, systems are a group of components and sections that interconnect them, in order to accomplish a work, and information is the data that is converted and processed in order to give you meaning and a real purpose, that is, to have value, Therefore, information systems are the processes that are linked with each other in order to work on the data and process it so that it turns into useful information, and in the following lines, we will show you the stages of building and developing information systems.


Stages of building information systems

The information systems process is one of the processes that follow specific stages in order to succeed and build the information system. None of these stages should be bypassed, as each stage depends on the results of the previous stage, and information systems go through three main stages, and each of them consists of Several stages depend on it as follows:


Planning and policy development

It consists of two stages:

1- Strategic planning for information systems.

2- Defining information systems policies and plans.


Systems development

It consists of six successive stages:

1- Define and define the problem.

2- A feasibility study.

3- System analysis.

4- General design and its evaluation.

5- Detailed design of the system.

6- Building and implementing the system.


 System operation, maintenance, and management

At this stage, the devices and connections are installed, the devices are turned on and that they are checked, then the programs and systems are run and that all devices and programs are maintained, and work on setting the required standards, so that work on the project is done according to the plan set for it, in order to achieve the required results and goals.


Planning and policy development

It should be noted that the development and construction of information systems are dependent on the growth and development of work in the facility in particular, as the need for information has become one of the basics that ensure continuity and survival for long and continuous periods, and not only for the sake of improving service.


That is why computer technology has become the backbone of information systems anywhere, because the computer provides support in conducting many different operations that help the administrative levels to implement all activities and decisions required by the need of work, through the use of computers and the application of information systems techniques in the facility All of the following are achieved:

  • Correctness and integrity of information.
  • Quick access to information.
  • Increase employee efficiency.
  • Improving the services provided.
  • Reducing material waste.
  • Improving the services provided.
  • Improve administrative communications.
  • Providing the necessary information to decision-makers with appropriate efficiency and speed.
  • Performance improvement and development.
  • Development of more effective tool and organization methods.


Strategic planning for information systems

At this stage, strategic plans are drawn up in order to develop information systems in order to achieve the greatest integration and synchronization of the objectives of the enterprise, and at this stage, the objectives required for the information systems must first be defined and work to link them to the facility in order to help achieve the objectives of the enterprise as required, as without planning The ex-remote system will not be developed and the objectives required of it will not be achieved.


The process of building information systems is a process similar to building a house. Without good planning for the customer’s need in terms of the number of rooms required, the space and the distribution of the West, the building of the house will not succeed, and it will not achieve the required phase for its residents, and if the construction is completed and then adjustments are made, this matter will cost a lot of money. In the end, the house will not be what the owner of the building wanted.


Therefore, the required adjustments must be made from the beginning, and prior plans must be drawn up for good construction, and this is the same thing in developing information systems, the best is the values ​​by planning in advance to all the required objectives in the long run in order to achieve the best results required of it.



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