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Web programming



Web programming, or also known as Web development, is writing instructions and directing commands with the aim of creating or building a page or a number of web pages, using one of the available web programming languages, and these pages can also be linked with a database, so that it becomes So from just web pages to a unique script.


Those who wish to learn programming websites must first be familiar with their languages ​​in order to be able to succeed in this field. You may encounter many languages ​​and wonder which of all these languages ​​is the most suitable?


Languages ​​used in web programming:


HTML language

This language is one of the oldest and widely used languages ​​in the design of web pages, as it is the main structure and infrastructure for web pages.


JavaScript language

JavaScript is used by most websites, and it is the backbone of any modern web page - along with HTML and CSS.


PHP language

It is a scripting language designed to be used to develop and program web applications and can be used to produce stand-alone programs. It is also an open-source language, and it works on multiple operating systems such as Windows and Linux.


CSS language

 CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheet, which is a formatting language for web pages that are concerned with the shape and design of websites and through which the entire look of the site is controlled in terms of font type, color, or size.


C #

It is an object-oriented programming language designed to be a simple, modern, and general-purpose language.


How do I become a web developer?

The answer to this question is very simple, you need to master and write codes that connect the two sides together, in short, you must start learning HTML, as it is the first and last person responsible for the appearance of the web page, and the way the elements inside it are positioned.


Through this language, you learn about the main sections of every web page, as well as the components of each section, or what is known as tags.


After mastering the elements of the web page, you need a tool for formatting these elements, and here comes the role of CSS, and through it, you can control any element and its characteristics such as font color, size, type as well as its position within the page, etc.


Finally, there is the role of JavaScript, which is a programming language that complements the previous languages. Have you ever entered the wrong password or left a blank field and a pop-up window appeared informing you that there was a problem? In short, this is the JavaScript language.


The resources for learning the previous languages ​​are very many, W3Schools, which is considered one of the most powerful resources for learning these languages, or which is known idiomatically as Front-End, due to its explanations and practical examples for each tag, identifier, or function.


Web monkey is one of the most prominent sources that can be visited on a daily basis, as it provides daily advice and resources specialized in developing websites and the latest elements that can be used.


And since browsers are the main engine relied upon in displaying web pages, each company provides a special page for developers to also learn about the best ways to develop pages and what is the benefit of using a hashtag without the other.

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